Fight the summer heat with these eight interesting innovations


The spring and summer heat doesn’t have to put your fun on hold this year. Enjoy whatever you have planned by utilizing exciting innovations that help people fight the heat.

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You’ll easily cool off and stay comfortable, even during sweltering afternoons in the summer heat.

Summer Heat Tech

Fight the summer heat with these eight interesting innovations

1. evaSmart Personal Air Cooler

Bring your air conditioner wherever you want to go this summer with the latest advancement in portable coolers. A model like evaSmart’s Evapolar can blow frosty air directly at you while humidifying your space. Users only need to download the corresponding app to manage the temperature and device color from their phones.

The Evapolar even has settings for white noise so you can fall asleep or start your remote work with background noises like ocean waves, rivers or gentle breathing. Given that studies indicate that white noise helps people sleep significantly better in loud cities, this type of summer tech could be what you need to get more sleep every night.

2. Axis Gear

When you get home after a long vacation or running errands, it may feel warmer than you’d like if you left your shades open. Allowing sunlight into your home creates a passive warming effect. The latest advancements in shade technology make it easy to close them, even when you’re not home.

Tech like Axis Gear attaches to shades or blinds and sticks to the wall. Once you download the app, you can create automated schedules to open and close your blinds whenever you want. Some models even use solar charging, so the batteries never run out and cause an inconvenience.

3. BedJet Climate Comfort Sleep System

There’s nothing worse than losing sleep every night because your blankets make you wake up sweating. It’s a spring and summer problem many people deal with, but it doesn’t have to last forever. Technology allows people to cool their beds between the sheets with tools like BedJet’s Climate Comfort Sleep System.

The system’s base sits under the bed, while a narrow hose attaches to the mattress. Users slide their fitted sheets over the attached hose so cold air can circulate beneath them throughout the night. Program the temperature to the exact degree you prefer with the system’s remote controller, and you’ll sleep through the night even with all of your blankets on.

The best tech innovations also maximize the use each person gets for the price they pay. BedJet’s Sleep System is no different. You could use it to stay cool at home or wherever you sleep on vacation. When winter rolls back through town, adjust the remote’s settings to blow warm or hot air and heat your bed to the perfect temperature.

4. Insulated Garage Doors

Staying cool is challenging when hot outdoor air sneaks into your home. Your HVAC unit will turn on more frequently without causing much difference if your older garage door doesn’t block outdoor temperatures.

An insulated garage door keeps hot air out and cold air in, using the same insulation properties as the lining inside your walls. With an insulated door, your garage can even become a summer hangout spot.

5. Thanko Armpit Fans

You may feel embarrassed to attend outdoor cookouts and summer parties if you’re among the many people who sweat easily. Occasionally, the best tech upgrades provide the most simple solutions, like Thanko’s armpit fans that attach inside short sleeves.

The sleek devices aren’t noticeable with loose sleeves, so you can use any of the three settings without anyone noticing. They’ll keep your armpits drier and help you avoid sweat stains. When you’re physically comfortable and mentally relaxed, you could even spend your outdoor time meditating to reduce your social anxiety or grilling more elaborate foods this summer.

6. Spin Chill

Cracking open a can of cold soda or beer makes the summer heat more bearable, but waiting for everything to chill in the fridge seemingly makes the clock stop. Don’t worry about putting canned beverages in the fridge hours before you want to drink them. A device like Spin Chill will use science and technology to your advantage.

All you need is the Spin Chill drill and its chill bit. The bit attaches to the top of an unopened can before the drill rapidly turns the can that sits inside a container of ice.

Convection science whisks the warmth away by turning the interior liquids so everything presses against the rapidly cooling aluminum. You’ll have an instantly cold beverage ready to enjoy. Just wait for the bubbles to settle to avoid an explosion when you press it open with the connected tab.

7. Cold Therapy Socks

Many brands make cold therapy socks that could help you get more comfortable this summer. Gel packs line the inside of the socks and last well when refrigerated or frozen. Decide how cold you want your socks and wear them to cool down instantly.

You’ll also reduce muscular structural damage by slipping into your socks after intense workouts. They’ll soothe inflamed tissue to boost your healing process while cooling you off.

8. G2T Electric Scarf

Wearing a metal scarf might not seem fashionable, but it could save the day when sweltering temperatures make you feel faint. Turn on an electric scarf to instantly press the cooling material against your skin. You won’t need to freeze it or worry about ice packs. If it has a charge, you can cool off anywhere you go this summer.

Fight the Heat This Summer

The latest interesting innovations in cooling technology will change how much fun you have this summer. Think about which investments would improve your daily life the most to stay comfortable and enjoy your big plans without feeling stuck inside with your air conditioning every day. Beat the summer heat!

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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