CEDIA Expo 2023: Samsung announces a 98” Neo QLED 8K TV

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98″ TVs seem to be the hot home theater item this year. There have been several brands announcing 98″ 4K TVs, including Samsung. Now, at CEDIA Expo 2023, Samsung has announced its 98″ Neo QLED 8K TV. I have used and handled 75″ TVs, and those boys are heavy. I can’t imagine what a 98″ panel is going to feel like moving it around.

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The Samsung 2023 line-up features an entire portfolio of ultra-premium Neo QLED 8K and 4K Smart TVs. Now, Samsung with the 98” Neo QLED 8K TV (QN990C) brings the largest-ever Samsung 8K TV, delivering unparalleled 8K precision and mesmerizing picture quality along with enhanced audio. Here’s what the press release had to say.

“Its Neural Quantum Processor uses AI-based formulas to upscale any content to stunning 8K. It’s designed with Quantum Mini LEDs, delivering more than a billion colors and intense contrast, which make every detail on the screen spring to life.”

CEDIA Expo 2023: Samsung announces a 98” Neo QLED 8K TV

“The Samsung 8K AI depth enhancer enables the TV to precisely boost lighting around the objects that viewers’ eyes gravitate toward, while dimming lighting elsewhere – providing not only better visuals, but also improved power consumption from the screen. The 98” Class 8K TV is also built with Dolby Atmos and Cinema Object Tracking Sound, so every sound comes through clear and balanced, no matter the space.”

“The display features a 360-degree All-Metal Design, impossibly slim profile, and Slim Fit Wall Mount, allowing the TV to fully blend into its surroundings. Plus, with its Anti-Glare screen and Ultra Viewing Angle technology, you won’t need to draw the shades or turn off the lights to see the picture clearly. Instead, any seat becomes the best in the house – with pristine color across the entire screen.”

The 98” Class QN990C is available for $39,999.99 on Samsung’s website. As of this post, it has not shown up but we’ve linked you to their 8K TV selection and it should be there at some point.

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