New on Netflix September 29-October 5: An in-depth look at the life of David Beckham

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Here we are with another week and, as usual, Netflix is adding a few new shows and movies between September 29 to October 5th. You can also check out what’s leaving Netflix and Netflix Canada in September and October if you want to binge those first.

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NOTE: Titles without a 🇺🇸 or 🇨🇦 designation after them are coming to both countries, while country-specific titles will be indicated as such.

Without further ado, let’s check out the New on Netflix September 29 to October 5th list, which is headlined by Beckham, a four-part documentary about the global football star and cultural icon.

Netflix Games

While not TV series or movies, Netflix is back with some new Netflix Games in October. The following games are now available for Android and iOS if you have a Netflix subscription.

  • Ghost Detective: You’re a detective who’s been killed on the job. Now as a ghost, your mission is clear: Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to catch your own murderer.
  • Netflix Stories: Love is Blind: Customize your character and choose your story: Will you enter the dating pods looking for romance in Love Is Blind?
  • Storyteller: Once upon a time — wait, what comes next again? Drag and drop fairy-tale characters onto the page to build surprising stories in this puzzle game.
  • Vikings: Valhalla: Earn your place among the gods in this strategy game based on the hit series. Build your settlement and lead raids against rivals to become a legend.

Coming Soon

These titles are coming at some point in October but not necessarily this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

  • ONEFOUR: Against All Odds (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY): This documentary traces the meteoric rise of Australia’s first drill rap stars, defiant in the face of police’s efforts to stop them from performing.

And now for the Netflix September 29 to October 5th list:

September 29

  • Choona (NETFLIX SERIES): When an unlikely group of misfits discovers a common enemy in the same ruthless yet superstitious politician, they plot a heist to exact revenge.
  • Do Not Disturb (NETFLIX FILM): A middle-aged man emerges from a pandemic slump with a new job at a quiet hotel, until some eccentric guests turn his first night into a wild adventure.
  • Love Is Blind: Season 5 (NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes)): Hoping to find their future fiancés by talking through walls, a new group of men and women braves twists, turns and triangles in search of true love.
  • Nowhere (NETFLIX FILM): Pregnant, alone and drifting in the sea, a woman trapped in a shipping container tries to survive after fleeing a devastated totalitarian country.
  • Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (NETFLIX FAMILY): When Lord Zedd returns more powerful than ever, Team Cosmic Fury takes to the cosmos to battle the emperor of evil — and save the universe as we know it.
  • Reptile (NETFLIX FILM): A hardened detective uncovers a complex web of deception as he digs for the truth behind the brutal murder of a young real estate agent.

September 30

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 🇨🇦
  • Troy 🇨🇦

Being a new month, there are quite a few new titles coming to the Netflix September 29 to October 5th list:

October 1

  • 60 Days In: Season 4 🇺🇸
  • A Beautiful Mind 🇺🇸
  • The Adventures of Tintin 🇺🇸
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 🇺🇸
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 🇺🇸
  • American Beauty 🇺🇸
  • Backdraft 🇺🇸
  • Casper 🇺🇸
  • Catch Me If You Can 🇺🇸
  • Cinderella Man 🇺🇸
  • Colombiana 🇺🇸
  • The Conjuring 🇨🇦
  • The Croods 🇨🇦
  • Drake & Josh: Seasons 1-3 🇺🇸
  • Dune (2021) 🇺🇸
  • Elysium 🇺🇸
  • The Final Destination 🇨🇦
  • The Firm 🇺🇸
  • The Forever Purge 🇨🇦
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall 🇺🇸
  • Gladiator 🇺🇸
  • Halloween: H2O 🇨🇦
  • Hot Tub Time Machine 🇺🇸
  • The House Bunny 🇺🇸
  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 🇨🇦
  • Jigsaw 🇨🇦
  • Kung Fu Panda 🇺🇸
  • The Little Rascals (1994) 🇺🇸
  • Love Actually 🇺🇸
  • Margot at the Wedding 🇺🇸
  • Miss Juneteenth 🇺🇸
  • Mission: Impossible 🇺🇸
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 🇺🇸
  • Mission: Impossible II 🇺🇸
  • Mission: Impossible III 🇺🇸
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding 🇺🇸
  • Role Models 🇺🇸
  • Runaway Bride 🇺🇸
  • Saving Private Ryan 🇺🇸
  • Saw III 🇨🇦
  • Saw IV 🇨🇦
  • Scarface 🇺🇸
  • See For Me 🇨🇦
  • Sex and the City 2 🇺🇸
  • Sex and the City: The Movie 🇺🇸
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 🇨🇦
  • War of the Worlds 🇺🇸
  • Zombieland 🇨🇦

October 2

  • Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog

October 3

  • Beth Stelling: If You Didn’t Want Me Then (NETFLIX COMEDY): Comedian Beth Stelling is aging in dog years, camping with a fake husband and monitoring her dad’s raccoon army in this slyly laid-back stand-up special.

October 4

  • Beckham (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY): Beckham, a four-part documentary series, tells the inside story of a global football star and cultural icon. David Beckham is one of the most known names on the planet, yet few people know who he really is. From his humble working-class beginnings in east London, his drive and determination to win, and the battle to find balance between ambition, love and family, David’s story is one of immense ups and downs. The series takes you on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal and definitive story of one of the most recognisable and scrutinised athletes of all time.
  • Keys to the Heart (NETFLIX FILM): Troubled and alone, a boxer moves in with his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother — but must fit in with a family he hasn’t known for years.
  • Race to the Summit (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY): Fearless alpine climbers Ueli Steck and Dani Arnold enter into a death-defying rivalry to set speed records on the Swiss Alps’ great north faces.
  • Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber: Season 1 🇺🇸

October 5

  • Everything Now (NETFLIX SERIES): After months in recovery for an eating disorder, 16-year-old Mia devises a bucket list of quintessential teen experiences to make up for lost time.
  • Halloween II 🇨🇦
  • Khufiya (NETFLIX FILM): When a mole in an intelligence unit leads to the murder of an undercover spy, a hardened agent relentlessly pursues him to avenge the death.
  • Lupin: Part 3 (NETFLIX SERIES): As the media and police look to Claire and Raoul, an on-the-run Assane schemes to protect them from afar — but old foes are eager to thwart his plans.

And there you have the New on Netflix and Netflix Canada September 29 to October 5th list. Be sure to check back next week to see what’s in store for the week following.

Will you be tuning into Beckham or are you going to be clearing some of your backlog? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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