CHERRY MX’s first MX2A keyboard has been released


Back at Gamescom 2023, CHERRY MX announced the MX2A mechanical keyboard switch with smoother actuation, improved acoustics, and a lifespan of more than 100 million actuations. The first keyboard from CHERRY MX with its new MX2A mechanical switches is now available for purchase: the CHERRY KC 200 MX.

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In case you missed the MX2A announcement, this is an overview of what CHERRY MX had to say:

“Each aspect of the switch has been precisely refined with targeted improvements, delivering an unrivaled actuation experience that’s smoother, more responsive, and incredibly durable. The MX2A line will include the full-size derivatives such as MX Red, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed Silver, MX Silent Red, and their respective RGB variants, ensuring users can find a switch that perfectly suits their preferences.

“MX2A guarantees an industry-leading 100 million actuations, thanks to Hyperglide technology but now with a much smoother actuation due to the factory-applied premium-grade lubricant on the newly shaped, radius-convexed and diamond-polished socket dome. The automated, high-precision ring lubrication process also reduces spring noise to the minimum, delivering a tranquil and enjoyable typing experience. In addition, the MX2A boasts an innovative spring design, changing from cylindrical to barrel geometry for near-contactless linear movement, reducing spring deformation and scratching in this long-lasting switch. An updated, unique spring-centering stem adorned with a ‘crown’ of ribs ensures a more precise and consistent feel and sound, reducing scratchiness and improving sliding properties.

“The new CHERRY MX2A is rounded off by an improved stem guidance system with diamond-polished sliding surfaces in both the lower and upper housing sections for increased smoothness during actuation. As with all MX switches, the MX2A continues to employ the unrivaled Gold Crosspoint Contact System. This industry-leading feature promises reliable, precise keystrokes and an unbeatable debounce time of less than 1 millisecond.”

That out of the way, the CHERRY KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard retains the company’s minimalist style, providing a high-quality typing experience with a value-driven price. Featuring a modern design, the latest keyboard from CHERRY MX has an anodized metal plate for a clean look on any desk. Available in two colourways — black/bronze or white/silver — users can select MX2A SILENT RED or MX2A BROWN switches to suit their preferences. The keycaps themselves are laser-etched, abrasion-proof ABS keycaps.

The CHERRY MX KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard is available in black/bronze or white/silver
The CHERRY MX KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard is available in black/bronze or white/silver.

The full-sized wired KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard is available now on Amazon for $89.99. It also includes three media keys for easy media control and a calculator key for easy access to your calculator app. Status LEDs of Caps, Scroll, and Num Lock also provide instant visual feedback for those functions.

What do you think about the CHERRY KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard with MX2A switches? Will you be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

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