[CES 2024] Shift Robotics Moonwalkers X are robotic shoes designed for commercial use


Robotic shoes? Yes! They’re here and they’re called Moonwalkers. Shift Robotics introduced the Moonwalkers last summer and have returned with an improved version, the Moonwalkers X. The shoes are mostly designed for business and commercial use. But I do not see why you couldn’t buy these for no particular reason at all.

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Moonwalkers X are specifically designed for business/commercial use, particularly those applications where employees walk a lot on-the-job, such as in the distribution, logistics, and warehouse marketplace where individuals might walk as many as 30,000 steps per day. The company isn’t really seeking to make people lazy, but I certainly can see some people buy these just for fun.

These newest robotic shoes from Shift Robotics are notable for several reasons (when compared to the original model of Moonwalkers). For example, Moonwalkers X.

  • Are significantly lighter — one pound less for each shoe;
  • Incorporate a complete overhaul of the control system, further boosting safety and agility when maneuvering, especially in close quarters;
  • Deliver improved shock absorption to further lower the risk of repetitive injury; and
  • Showcase a fresh new design with modularity and customization in mind.
  • Additionally, Moonwalkers X will also fit smaller shoe sizes.

“In developing Moonwalkers X, our focus was clear: enhancing productivity without compromising safety. By collaborating closely with our 3PL partners, we’ve tuned Moonwalkers X to meet the rigors of warehouse environments with an unwavering commitment to worker safety.”

According to the company, its clients have found that warehouse workers responsible for shipping products more than double their productivity by wearing Moonwalkers X. Additionally, one Shift Robotics’ client projects that its Moonwalkers-wearing employees will save nearly 400 hours per year in ‘Travel Time,’ the amount of time associates take to walk from location to location within its facilities during their workdays.

Pricing and availability has not been announced, but the original Moonwalkers are available on the company’s website for $1,399.

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