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If you’re anything like me, you absolutely hate printers. Printers are the worst tech device in our current market. But printers are also still needed, though not nearly as much as in the past. And if you know anything about printers, you know that printer manufacturers use printers as a loss-leader to make their money on the back end selling printer ink. So buckle up because the subscription costs for HP Instant Ink are going up.

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We still use a printer here for the occasional school assignment for our kids and the occasional document that requires a physical signature. Every so often, my wife also likes to print recipes and other items she finds more useful on paper. So we use HP Instant Ink to make sure we don’t run out. Living out in a rural area, it’s not just a quick ride to Best Buy to buy new ink, so we found HP Instant Ink to be more convenient, albeit pricier.

Now, thanks to this grand economy we’re in, the subscription costs of HP Instant Ink are going up across the board by $2. HP has begun notifying users that the price of their subscription is going up.

“Thank you for subscribing to HP Instant Ink. As a valued customer, we want to keep delivering the convenience and savings you expect for years to come. Today, we’re writing to you about an upcoming price change to your HP Instant Ink plan for your OfficeJet Pro 9025. We value your loyalty and trust in our service, and we believe it’s essential to be transparent with this change.”

The new pricing is shown below:

Monthly PlanPlan Fee
10 Pages$1.49
50 Pages$4.99
100 Pages$6.99
300 Pages$13.99
500 Pages$20.99
700 Pages$27.99
1500 Pages$54.99

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