Epiphone just announced an Adam Jones (TOOL) 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst


Epiphone has become more than just Gibson’s more “affordable” line of guitars over the years. The company has actually been making some fantastic guitars that are just as good, and sometimes arguably better. One of my favorites is the Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy, but I digress. The new Epiphone Adam Jones (TOOL) 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst is also pretty amazing looking.

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Adam Jones is the guitarist for TOOL and an artist beyond the stage. The new Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst is a tribute to one of the more unique players out there. Epiphone says the guitar represents a new era of premium features for Epiphone, including the world-renowned Gibson open-book headstock and high-quality electronics.

Epiphone just announced an Adam Jones (TOOL) 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst

Finished in Antique Silverburst, it also features high-quality electronic components throughout, including a Gibson Custombucker pickup in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan® Distortion® in the bridge position, along with CTS® potentiometers and Orange Drop® capacitors. The Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom also features a Gibson “open book” headstock profile, and artwork created by Joyce Su and Adam Jones is on the rear headstock. The guitar also comes with a replica two-inch convex mirror included in the Deluxe Protector Series hardshell guitar case.

The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Silverburst guitar represents Adam’s #1 guitar, his prized original Gibson Silverburst 1979 Gibson Les Paul, and Adam was heavily involved in creating this new guitar. Utilizing his extensive experience in visual art, special effects, and design, Adam Jones is the director of the majority of Tool’s music videos and creates the visual experience on stage for the band. For the original world premiere of the Gibson Custom Shop Adam Jones Les Paul, Adam composed and scored “The Witness,” a new song and animated short film. Watch/share the “The Witness” on Gibson TV.

The new Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom is priced at $1,499.99 and available at Sweetwater, link below.

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