Apple said to be developing a smart ring to battle Samsung. Who will hold the One Ring?

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The smart ring has been a thing for a few years now. There are at least two big brands on the market and dozens of knockoffs all over the internet. Like anything else, the smart ring isn’t for everyone, but it is for some. Some users just don’t like wearing a smartwatch to bed to track sleep, or they just don’t like wearing one at all.

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But many of those same users want sleep and health tracking benefits, and a smart ring will provide that in a much smaller package. While the device isn’t as robust as a smartwatch and you need an app to see data, many users like this method over wearing a watch.

Because of the popularity of the smart ring, Samsung announced at Unpacked that it is developing one of its own. The company hasn’t revealed all the details yet, but we can expect it sometime soon. That means other company’s, like Oura, will have to bring their best game in future releases.

But now that Samsung has entered the fray, rumor has it that Apple is developing its own smart ring and actually has been for a few years now.

According to MacRumors; “Apple is said to be seriously weighing up the idea as a viable expansion of its wearables lineup, and has been increasingly applying for patents related to an NFC-enabled finger-worn device as it coordinates the timing of the release.”

We’ve yet to review a smart ring, but maybe soon we will. Currently, the two brands that I know of, require a subscription to use. So if Samsung and Apple can integrate their rings with their built-in health apps, that would give them a leg up. Because subscription fees suck.

At the end of the day, the big question is. Who will hold the One Ring? Please share your thoughts on your favorite social media site and tag us on Facebook, X, MeWe, and LinkedIn. Or join our Telegram channel here.

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