Wyze security camera users were temporarily able to see other users’ cameras

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Wyze security camera users got more than they bargained for due to a security issue that Wyze blames on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users started reporting that they were provided access to security cameras that were not theirs and also received notifications for those cameras on their app.

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Engadget reported; “Wyze cofounder David Crosby has confirmed the issue to The Verge, telling the publications that “some users were able to see thumbnails of cameras that were not their own in the Events tab.” Users started seeing strangers’ camera feeds in their accounts after an outage that Wyze said was caused by an Amazon Web Services problem.”

Crosby said, on the Wyze forum page, that the servers were overloaded and data was corrupted after the servers went down. The security/corruption issue arose after the servers came back online, and Crosby quickly clarified that full access to cameras and live streams was not given to other users.

Wyze security camera users were temporarily able to see other users' cameras

According to Engadget; “The security issue that resulted from that event then allowed users to “see thumbnails of cameras that were not their own in the Events tab.” Users couldn’t view those videos and could only see their thumbnails, he clarified, and they were not able to view live streams from other people’s cameras. Wyze was able to identify 14 incidents before taking down the Events tab altogether.”

While this is a serious concern, it is at least a relief that full camera access was not given and only thumbnails could be seen. These are the risks of smarthome security, though. As you are providing access to a company and its servers to your home, there is always a potential for a security or data breach. This isn’t the first time or the last time something like this will happen.

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