The Real Cost Of Pirated Apps


I remember getting my first smartphone that used real and true mobile applications, the iPhone 3G. It didn’t take me long to find the jailbreak community and start modifying my phone to whatever extent I could. It was a fun time. True smartphone apps were in their infancy, but growing and maturing fast. It was also a time that my naivete was ripe. I really had no clue what it takes to develop mobile apps (or any application for that matter).

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The Developer Interviews


Hey readers! Just want to make a quick announcement. Starting tomorrow September 26th, we’re going to bring you a feature called The Developer Interviews. We’re going to be interviewing developers from Android, iOS and hopefully Windows.

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Rant Editorial: HTC One Four Months Later

It has been a little over four months since I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and purchased the HTC One. You can find my thoughts and reasons for this switch over on Android Dissected.  I had some harsh words for Samsung and some sharp criticism for one of their flagship phones. So what is life like now, four months later, with the HTC One? I’ll go over some of my experiences and cover weather or not I am still enjoying the HTC One.

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