Lenovo at CES 2020

One of the hardest things when starting a new tech blog is getting review units to review for you, our readers. Fortunately for us, Lenovo was among the first to give us a chance and as a result we’ve been able to review quite a few Lenovo products for you. Another hurdle for us here at Techaeris — and we’ve mentioned it more than a couple of times in the past — is finding funds to go to events like the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) without overloading our website with ads.

Through our relationship with Lenovo, they’ve offered to partially sponsor our trip to CES 2020 once again this year. As part of our partnership, we will have early access to Lenovo news from CES 2019 and this page will serve as a central hub for news and video as it comes in.

Our readers who enjoy products from other vendors as well need not worry, as we’ll have you covered with a variety of other products as they are unveiled at CES this year as well.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is the world’s first foldable PC

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold CES 2020

January 6: Back in May of 2019 Lenovo jumped on the foldable device train with a teaser of the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Now, CES 2020 is here and the company is officially announcing the ThinkPad X1 Fold which will be released mid-2020. Foldable displays seem to be the way we’re heading and each release of a device should bring improvements. Hopefully, Lenovo has learned some things from Samsung and Huawei in regards to consumer-level foldable devices.

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Lenovo ThinkBook Plus features e-Ink cover display

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

January 6: Lenovo is in full swing here at CES 2020 and has already introduced some innovative devices. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is one of their latest announcements and it features an e-Ink cover display for improved productivity and focus while multitasking.

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The Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop has an eye-catching design

Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop CES 2020 inline

January 6: CES 2020 is well underway with many brands showcasing and announcing devices before the official show opening. Lenovo is one of those brands and today they announced the all-new Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop. This is in partnership with the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati and is sure to make fans smile. Lenovo is Ducati’s key technology partner and it seemed only natural to team up on a Ducati branded laptop, sadly not available in North America.

Lenovo debuts 5G Yoga, detachable Chromebook, Alexa PC support

Lenovo Yoga 5G

January 6: CES 2020 is upon us and the Lenovo announcements continue! Next up we have a number of consumer announcements from the tech company including a Yoga 5G 2-in-1 convertible laptop, the IdeaPad Duet detachable Chromebook, Yoga Slims, and Amazon Alexa features coming to their PC lineup.

Lenovo unveils the Smart Frame and 2nd Gen Smart Tab M10

FI Lenovo Smart Frame and Smart TabCES 2020

January 6: Lenovo continues to make its CES 2020 announcements, this time unveiling a couple of its smart devices. First up, the 2nd Gen Smart Tab M10 is being given another run in 2020. Second, Lenovo is introducing a brand new device in the Smart Frame.

Smart devices have started to become more popular over the past year and Lenovo is no stranger to that. The company has released devices like the Lenovo Smart Tab as well as the Lenovo Smart Display. This year, they continued the Smart Tab trend but are giving us a new device to consider in the Smart Frame.

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Lenovo’s first eGPU announced alongside new Legion gaming laptop, monitors, peripherals

Lenovo Legion eGPU

January 5: After a bunch of pre-CES announcements a couple of days ago, Lenovo is announcing some new products in their Lenovo Legion gaming line-up, starting with their first-ever eGPU — the Lenovo Legion BoostStation.

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NEC and Lenovo announce partnership with release of Lavie lineup of PC’s

Lenovo NEC Lavie PC CES 2020

January 3: CES 2020 is just kicking off with Lenovo and NEC announcing a partnership that brings the Lavie line of PCs to the United States. NEC has been around for some time and they have had some products sold here in the US but this partnership is the first time the Lavie line of PCs will be seen here in the United States.

The three new devices cover a range of user experiences, from portability to integrated sound systems for family entertainment. The family of PCs includes two laptops, as well as a desktop and, are also very well designed placing an emphasis on a clean and slick aesthetic.

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Lenovo introduces new ThinkCentre, updated ThinkPad & ThinkVision devices

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen 8 laptop

January 3rd: Lenovo is in full swing just ahead of CES 2020 and has announced a number of updates and new devices in their Think lineup. With refreshes to their Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkVisions, the company is also introducing a new ThinkCentre AIO at the annual electronics show. We’ve reviewed quite a few of Lenovo’s ThinkPads in the past and have generally been impressed with their offerings.

Lenovo introduces five devices for creators

Lenovo Creator CES 2020

January 3rd: As the internet has grown so has the creators landscape. Photographers, videographers, YouTuber’s, bloggers, and writers everywhere rely on devices like these to get their work done.

Lenovo has the vision to enable smarter technology for a more creative world and they have a handful of devices to choose from to help you get that done. Between two super-portable laptops, a powerful desktop tower, and two high-definition 27″ monitors these devices will get the job done and more.

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With that, be sure to check back soon — and check back often — for all the Lenovo news leading up to and at CES 2020!