Facebook Can’t Buy Snapchat, Rips Off Their Features Instead

Snapchat is an ultra-popular photo sharing app that on the surface seems meant for sending temporary naughty pictures to one another.  You take your (presumably naughty) picture, set the (again, presumably naughty) picture’s expiration via Snapchat, and send the (horribly horribly naughty) picture to your friends/family/strangers/etc.  You may remember that just under a year ago, Facebook tried to purchase Snapchat for a cool $3 Billion in cash.  You may also remember that Snapchat turned them down.  Hard to believe that $3 Billion wouldn’t be enough, though maybe that was for the best, as Snapchat has recently received funding with a company valuation of right around $10 Billion.  It seems that Facebook hasn’t taken being spurned too hard though, as they’ve recently started testing a very Snapchat-ish feature for some iOS users – Self-destructing photos.

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