Weekly Refresh: Underwater Robots, eBay/Paypal Split, Angry Law Enforcement, and More – Sep 28-Oct 4

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From underwater robots to an eBay/Paypal split and angry law enforcement we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Refresh.


Pocket Casts is getting a web player!

Fan of podcastscasts? Pocket Casts just announced a web-based player. If you love podcasts but were put off by the lack of a desktop listener, check out Pocket Casts Web Player.

Browsing a website other than Facebook these days? Well you just might see Facebook ads looking you in the face, not ads for Facebook but actual targeted ads as Facebook has launched a new advertising platform dubbed Atlas.

Google’s Android operating system was founded on open source and the ability to modify and tweak the core OS to one’s liking. But it seems Google isn’t so forgiving when it comes to hardware as it has shuttered Com 1’s Android Wear Indiegogo campaign.

AG Eric Holder and law enforcement officials aren’t happy with Apple and Google

Apple and Google’s decision to include a high level of encryption into their latest mobile operating systems (iOS 8 and Android L) has law enforcement officials pulling out reasons why it needs to be reconsidered. As well, Attorney General Eric Holder is weighing in on the situation with a few words of his own.

Microsoft has officially announced the next version of their Windows operating system, dubbed Windows 9 10. The updated operating system incorporates features from Windows 7 and Windows 8 and will be one platform that will work across multiple devices. Why they skipped Windows 9 is anyone’s guess.

Chromebooks are starting to threaten PC makers with their low cost hardware and simple software. Now Google has announced that Adobe Creative Cloud will be soon be working on Chromebooks.

Craig Walker is the creator of Google Voice (formerly known as GrandCentral Communications) and knows a thing or two about VOIP communications. Walker is looking to provide Google Apps Business customers with a VOIP solution with his new company.

Matchstick is a project aiming to be a Chromecast alternative

Move over Chromecast! Mozilla has teamed up with a new company called Matchstick to create an HDMI streaming stick based upon Firefox OS.

Apology time. Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, offered a sincere apology to the LGBT community for their implementation and recent stringent enforcement of their “real name” policy.

Microsoft released a new application designed to help you make a functional, good-looking presentation with a focus on doing it fast. Powerpoint? No, Sway.

I think the lawyer Marty Singer of L.A.-based law firm Lively & Singer needs his head examined. He is threatening Google with a $100 million dollar lawsuit over the celebrity nude photo leaks that were recently in the news. Shouldn’t he be targeting Apple?

Shock that bad habit away with Pavlok!

It’s hard to break bad habits but Pavlok thinks it can help you break those bad habits by shocking you!

Google’s Scott Jenson explains Google’s new project, The Physical Web, as a tool to be used when native applications “just aren’t practical”.


In a recent Reddit AMA, Carl Pei and David from OnePlus confirmed what most people could have guessed, there will be a OnePlus Two next year. Here’s hoping it’s not as hard to get as a OnePlus One.

#Bendgate is still in the news as iPhone 6 Plus bending issues has exploded across the Internet from tech blogs to main stream media; we even had an iPhone 6 Plus bend test show up on YouTube. Consumer Reports took a look at the issue and weighs in.

Shocker. The creator of mobile spy app StealthGenie has been indicted in Virginia for selling the “spyware” application that could eavesdrop and intercept communications from other mobile devices.

Verizon has been throwing around the idea of throttling its users who were grandfathered in with an unlimited data plan after a certain amount of data usage. Sounds fair… not!

With the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus finally on the market people will start getting their used iPhones ready to sell across the Internet. Here’s a cool tool that will let you know if that device you’re buying is stolen.

Google Play Newsstand got a Material Design makeover

Android L must be just around the corner. Google is rolling out an update to their Google Play Newsstand application, bringing in more Material Design UI elements and a bold, dynamic new look.

Check out some of the mobile apps the Techaeris are using in our weekly Appetizers installment.

Things could be going good for Samsung as some early (unconfirmed) reports from Best Buy’s around the country indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is selling out for all carriers.


KarBar isn’t much of a mobile gamer. But, to her surprise, Rapture – World Conquest has changed her mind completely. Check out her review of the iOS game.

Another review, this one of Toast’s cover for the LG G3. If you’re looking for a minimalist covering that adds a splash of elegant class, Toast is the perfect covering for your phone.


End of the line for Rovio? It appears that interest in the Angry Birds franchise is finally waning as Rovio announced it is axing 16% of its labor force by laying off 130 employees.


A group at MIT have developed a small, autonomous underwater robot that can patrol in the water surrounding ports scanning ships for contraband.


It’s splitsville for eBay and Paypal…

After a 12 year run, CEO John Donahoe and eBay’s board of directors announced that effective in 2015, eBay and it’s payment arm, Paypal will be split into two separate companies.

Google has been supplying students and teachers with tools to make their worlds much easier, now they’ve announced Google Drive for Education.

A lawsuit is underway in a San Francisco federal court that could have long reaching consequences for Google stemming from when Google Street View cars gathered personal information while they scanned Wi-Fi networks. Google could ultimately be found in violation of federal wiretapping laws and subject to considerable fines.

Yikes! A data breach at JPMorgan that could affect up to 76 million households and 7 million businesses could be one of the largest cyberattacks in history.

CNNMoney has a short interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt where he answers some questions about some of Tim Cook’s comments concerning Google. Find out what Schmidt had to say.

European Union regulators have approved the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, the widely used cross-platform messaging app that boasts over 500 million users.


Watch Danny Macaskill take on Cuillin Ridgeline in Scotland

Scottish cyclist Danny Macaskill is one of these guys who you absolutely live through when you watch some of the things he does and his newest short film is no exception as he travels high up on the Cuillin Ridgeline in Scotland.

That about wraps up our Weekly Refresh – look for our recap every Sunday for a quick glance at what you may have missed over the past week. As always, the staff here at Techaeris thanks you – our readers – for checking us out throughout the week and thank you for your continued support. After all, we write because we love to share what interests us and keep you informed on tech happenings around the world!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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