Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Has More Tactile Feel And Response [RUMOR]

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The Samsung announcement for the Galaxy Note 5 is just around the corner and we’ve already seen leaked images from a variety of sources of the device. From the leaks around the Internet Samsung seems to have stayed with the recent Galaxy S6 design language essentially blowing it up to Note sized needs. We were sent an email from a reader (identity withheld by request) who claims hands on time with the Galaxy Note 5 and particularly its S Pen.

courtesy Reddit user Ahanaf

Since the debut of the Note series, Samsung has made a number of innovations to the device, yes the S Pen is a device in its own. The S Pen carries its own software and SDK so developers can integrate its functions into their apps. This time around the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen is said to be a whole new design and feel. Our source claims that the new S Pen feels more like a real pen in your hand and also offers some new tactile feedback features (see click type button in photos), that they did not go over. We were just told the S Pen writes, looks and feels more like a real pen then ever before.

courtesy Reddit user Ahanaf

Two other features our source says are coming is the ability to add more commands to the Air Command function but again, they offered no particulars. Finally, the coolest feature they noted was coming to the new S Pen is something called QuickNote. This particular feature they provided at least a little information about. When the S Pen is holstered and your Galaxy Note 5 is screen off, pulling the S Pen out will bring up QuickNote on the lockscreen. The lockscreen will remain black with QuickNote on top, allowing you to take a note and save without turning on your device. Simply re-holster the pen and the device always stays screenoff. Pretty nifty feature if this one is true, excited to see what Samsung is going to present and how they’re developing the S Pen further.

What do you think of these possible features coming to the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

feature image is the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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