Apple doesn’t appreciate Corellium’s iOS virtualization software and is taking them to court

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Apple isn’t afraid to go to court and they have the deep pockets to do it. The company is likely involved in dozens of cases right now, most of which never get reported. Apple has filed a lawsuit against a company making a perfect replica of iOS for the desktop. Corellium is iOS virtualization software that replicated Apple’s mobile operating system perfectly.

Corellium iOS virtualization software was created for hackers and researchers to find vulnerabilities in iOS using their PC or Mac. The software runs directly on your desktop and emulates the iOS operating system down to every visual. It’s basically a perfect clone of Apple’s iOS operating system. So for this, Apple is filing copyright infringement in the Southern District of Florida. Apple had this to say about the lawsuit:

Corellium’s business is based entirely on commercializing the illegal replication of the copyrighted operating system and applications that run on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. The product Corellium offers is a “virtual” version of Apple mobile hardware products, accessible to anyone with a web browser.

Specifically, Corellium serves up what it touts as a perfect digital facsimile of a broad range of Apple’s market-leading devices–recreating with fastidious attention to detail not just the way the operating system and applications appear visually to bona fide purchasers, but also the underlying computer code. Corellium does so with no license or permission from Apple.

Corellium iOS virtualization software program Apple
The desktop environment

Apple accuses Corellium’s iOS virtualization software of masquerading as a security tool for research but is looking to commercialize Apple’s software for its own monetary purposes. Apple is asking for a permanent injunction to prevent the company from offering its iOS virtualization software. Apple is also asking for damages which include lost profit, and attorney fees.

On information and belief, Corellium makes no effort whatsoever to confine use of its product to good-faith research and testing of iOS. Nor does Corellium require its users to disclose any software bugs they find to Apple, so that Apple may correct them. Instead, Corellium is selling a product for profit, using unauthorized copies of Apple’s proprietary software, that it avowedly intends to be used for any purpose, without limitation, including for the sale of software exploits on the open market.


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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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