7 Chrome extensions everyone should use in 2021


It’s no secret to anyone that Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. Contrary to what some may think, it’s not its speed, reliability, safety, or overall performance that makes this browser so popular, but rather the fact that Google Chrome is a highly customizable environment due to Chrome extensions.

Through the use of Chrome extensions, you can take your browser to a whole new level and customize it to match your preferences. Chrome extensions are described as small software tools that helps you personalize your browsing experience, and there’s an entire store that features all of them – the Chrome Web Store.

To add an extension to your browser, you need to search for it in the store, hit the “Add to Chrome” button; then, you are good to go. It’s an easy trick to improve your online experience and adapt a general tool to your particular needs.

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, so it is easy to get overwhelmed with the array of choices you have. This is why we put together this guide containing 7 must-have Chrome extensions that will improve the way you surf the internet. Please take a look at our list and give them a try!

Google search 7 Chrome extensions everyone should use in 2021
7 Chrome extensions everyone should use in 2021 2

A tool for content clipping

If you do a lot of research online and find yourself needing to keep multiple tabs open to look back at that one paragraph that sparked your interest, you know how easy it is for that piece of information to get lost in the multitude of opened web pages.

A tool such as Evernote Web Clipper can be your greatest ally in moments like this. The extension lets you save an entire article, a screenshot, and even a simplified version of the article and pin it to the Evernote notebook so that you can come back to it later. You need to install the app, then whenever you find something interesting to read, you need to click on the elephant icon, and it will be automatically sent to your Evernote account.

A reliable PDF extension

If you work with PDF constantly, you know how annoying it can get to install additional software so you can edit your documents. If it happens to be on the go and you need to make a change fast, but you don’t have access to a pre-installed tool, things get even more complicated.

An extension such as PDFChef by Movavi lets you create and edit PDFs directly into your browser without installing other tools and software. You can easily convert various document types to PDFs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It’s easy to install and use, and you’ll get your job done in no time.

A much-needed ad blocker

Ads are annoying, to say the least, but they are all over the internet and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. While there’s no doubt these ads have helped us find unique products or services from time to time, anyone should have the right not to see ads if they don’t want to see them.

An ad blocker should be a must for anyone that does not want to deal with ads every 3 minutes of a YouTube video or are tired of seeing the same recommendations whenever they open a web page. AdBlock is among the most popular Chrome ad blockers and one of the best in blocking advertisements.

Spell and grammar checker

When you try to make a point, even the slightest grammar or spelling mistake can ruin your argument. The hour(s) you spent composing a strong email that will wow your clients will seem in vain if you spot a word crime the moment you hit send.

Fortunately, a tool such as Grammarly can help ensure you never look like a dummy that wasn’t paying attention in English class. It can be used as a web app, a Chrome extension, and even a Microsoft Office extension when you need to write reports and essays. You may not always agree with the recommendations it makes, but it’s better than the average free spell checkers you can find online.

A task tracker and organizer

If you constantly lose yourself in little lists and notes you have spread around your desk; it’s time to simplify things a bit. An extension such as Focus To-Do: Pomodoro can help you keep track of your daily task list, manage your schedule, and ensure you never miss an important deadline.

You can even use the extension as your own focus timer that keeps track of how much time you spend working and when it’s time to take a break. It’s one of the best ways to ensure all your important tasks are getting tackled in time.

A tool to organize your tabs

If you constantly need to keep multiple tabs open, then you know how frustrating it is when your browser decides it can’t handle 30 tabs open all at once. Plus, be honest, doesn’t it make your head spin when you see all of your open tabs in the browser toolbar?

A tool such as OneTab can help keep your tabs organized and make multitasking a breeze. All your open tabs will be saved into one page, with clickable links so that you can go back to any of these tabs whenever you need. This helps you save up memory and keep your browser running at light speed.

A tool to make web browsing safer

Not many people know the difference between an HTTP and HTTPS web page, but it is a small detail that can help make the internet a safer place. Put simply, HTTPS websites add an extra layer of security and protection, ensuring there are fewer chances you fall victim to malicious online activities.

HTTPS Everywhere is a Chrome extension created by the Tor Project and manages to encrypt your online browsing by transforming HTTP links into HTTPS. It may not sound very easy, but it is actually a very simple to use extension that anyone can enjoy. 

What Chrome extensions do you use? Which Chrome extensions would you recommend? Let us know through our social media channels.

Last Updated on February 22, 2021.


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