Razer Strider review: A water-resistant, anti-fraying, portable hybrid mouse mat

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Razer isn’t new to mouse mats, having released a few in the past. Now they’re back, following up on the Razer Gigantus V2 lineup with a new hybrid mouse mat based on market surveys. After producing and testing a limited run of prototypes, the latest mouse pad from Razer was born.

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Our Razer Strider review looks at a pair of water-resistant, thin, portable hybrid mouse mats with anti-fraying stitched edges, and more. Read on for our full review!


The Razer Strider hybrid mouse mat we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • Firm Gliding Surface for smooth and consistent swipes
  • Foamy Base for more stopping power
  • Anti-fraying stitched edges for greater durability
  • Anti-slip natural rubber base base for stability and long lasting comfort
  • Water resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • Rollable and Portable for added convenience
  • 3mm thin
  • Large and XXL sizes available

What’s in the box

  • Razer Strider hybrid mouse mat
  • Razer Snake sticker
The Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats come in Large (top) and XXL (bottom) sizes
The Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats come in Large (top) and XXL (bottom) sizes.


Typically speaking, there are two camps when it comes to mouse mats: hard or soft surfaced. Traditionally, mouse pads in the past had a soft surface on them. However, in recent years, hard mouse mats have become popular as well, primarily because they offer a smoother glide. With the Razer Strider, the surface is in between, which (according to Razer) combines the glid of a hard surface with the control of a soft mat.

“The Razer Strider mouse mat uses Razer’s proprietary weaved surface to combine the glide of a hard mat with the precise control of a soft mat for maximum stopping power, creating an elegant fusion optimized for maximum performance.”

Razer PR

The Razer Strider mouse mat has a proprietary weaved surface that isn’t soft but isn’t hard. At first, it was a bit odd feeling, but after some time, I didn’t mind the harder texture of the mat when resting my hand against it. In fact, it almost looks classy and fits right in when used in my office environment. The edges of the mouse mat have stitched edges that not only add to the look but are also supposed to prevent fraying over time.

It’s also very thin, only 3mm thick, and has a grooved rubber underside to keep the mat from moving around. Finally, the uncoated top surface is also water-resistant. Not only is that helpful for accidental spills, but it also makes it easy to wipe clean. As far as branding, the Razer logo is stitched on a small piece of fabric attached to the upper left corner of the mat.

Bottom and top view of the Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats
Bottom and top view of the Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats.

Available in two sizes, the Razer Strider comes in large (450 x 400mm or 17.7 x 15.7″) and XXL (940 x 410mm or 37 x 16/1″). If you’ve never used an XXL mouse mat, they really are nice to use. My favourite reason behind one is that your mouse and keyboard sit on the same mat, and you’re never hitting the edge of the mat with your mouse, as can be the case with smaller sizes. While not a huge deal, it would have been nice for Razer to offer the same sizes as the Gigantus V2 lineup. That being said, L and XXL mouse mats were the most popular sizes by far as indicated in Razer’s market research.


I’ve used both soft and hard mouse mats over the years. Personally, I can’t quite get used to hard-surfaced mats. While they do glide easier, I find I have to adjust my DPI down to compensate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While I prefer soft mats for the control they offer, I dislike how dirty they get over time, so you always have to replace them. The Razer Strider seems to be a nice mix between the two, so far at least. I find the glide a bit better than soft mats, but not so much that I’ve had to adjust my DPI. In fact, I found gaming to be just a tad more responsive, whether it be MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm or FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone. The Strider seems to offer a nice balance between the speed of a hard mat and the control of a soft mat.

You’ll notice if you’ve had a soft mouse mat for any length of time how quickly they get dirty. Because of the usual materials that go into a mouse pad, they aren’t the easiest to clean — at least I’ve never had much success in cleaning my favourite pads. One of the features of the Razer Strider is water resistance for easy cleaning. While I’ve only had the mats for a week or so, they aren’t that dirty yet. However, I did test wiping them down with a damp cloth and the few dirt marks that were on the mat came right off.

The Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats have a nice stitched edge to prevent fraying
The Razer Strider hybrid mouse mats have a nice stitched edge to prevent fraying.


Razer has priced the Strider hybrid mouse mat at US$29.99 for the large size and $49.99 for the XXL version. Compared to their other offerings and mouse mat prices in general, the Razer Strider is pretty reasonably priced.


With the Razer Strider, the company has completed its mouse mat family with an option for everyone. Those who prefer a harder, faster surface can go with the Razer Acari. Those who prefer control have several Gigantus V2 options to choose from. And for those who prefer a balance between the two, the Razer Strider hybrid mouse mat fits the bill perfectly.

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