Ruh-roh, some iPad mini 6 users report jelly scrolling


There’s a misconception about Apple products that seems never to go away, and that’s that they never fail or break. Of course, this is an untruth that never seems to die, even with stories like this. Apple has had its fair share of duds, flops, and issues throughout the years. This iPad mini 6 issue isn’t going to be their last either.

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The iPad mini is one of Apple’s most popular devices in its lineup, and when the mini 6 launched this past week, there were many happy users everywhere. But just as the iPad mini-community started their celebrations, the reports of jelly scrolling began to come in, most notably from The Verge’s Dieter Bohn.

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9to5 Mac reported that one reader that contacted them returned his iPad mini to the Apple Store and found that all of the demo units on display had the same jelly scrolling fault.

Colloquially referred to as ‘jelly scrolling’, it seems that one side of the iPad mini display is refreshing slower than the other side, which appears as a noticeable wobble effect down the middle of the screen when content is moving quickly — like scrolling a web page.

When looking at the iPad mini in portrait with the camera at the top, the right side of the display updates faster than the left side. Upside down, the left side will now update quicker than the right side. Curiously, the lag is much harder to discern when using the iPad mini in landscape.

9to5 Mac

No one knows exactly if this is a software or hardware issue, but they better hope it’s a software issue for Apple’s sake. Otherwise, they’ll be replacing an awful lot of displays in the next few months.

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Last Updated on September 26, 2021.


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