Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says Intel’s chip shortage will last until 2023


It’s not news that there is currently a worldwide chip shortage that has affected the manufacturer of everything from cars to smartphones. It has gotten so bad that Sony and TSMC are reported to be in a partnership to build a chip factory in Japan, but that wouldn’t help until 2024. Now, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says that the Intel chip shortage is likely to last until 2023.

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Gelsinger says that Intel is in the “worst” of its chip shortage and is struggling to make enough to satisfy the demand. The company’s chips are used in a wide variety of products, and they are one of the world’s biggest makers of processors.

“We’re in the worst of it now, every quarter next year we’ll get incrementally better, but they’re not going to have supply-demand balance until 2023,” Gelsinger said.

He said that the problem was not always creating chips in general but that specific parts may not be available. That has compressed the sales of Intel’s own computers, Mr Gelsinger said, since it was difficult to get all of the different components required.

“We call it match sets, where we may have the CPU, but you don’t have the LCD, or you don’t have the Wi-Fi. Data centers are particularly struggling with some of the power chips and some of the networking or ethernet chips,” he said.


The chip shortage is causing Intel stock prices to fall, and that’s not something Gelsinger likes to see. But given that this problem isn’t going away soon, the stock prices may continue to fall. Intel isn’t the only one facing the issue, and consumers will find that buying certain electronics may be difficult.

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Intel chip shortage

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