[MWC 2022] beyerdynamic announces SPACE, its take on the speakerphone


beyerdynamic is a well-known audio company that makes some of the world’s best audio gear. The company has a knack for tuning its audio gear very well and hitting the mark for most audiophiles. Now, beyerdynamic is bringing its penchant for high-quality audio to its first speakerphone, SPACE.

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The stylish SPACE combines the company’s audio chops with high-end call quality for the best phone calls you can get from a speakerphone. The company is pitching SPACE as an ideal solution for conference calls and listening to music in the office or at home. Here’s the rundown of features and specifications for this new speakerphone.

beyerdynamic SPACE Features and Specifications

beyerdynamic SPACE

The new beyerdynamic SPACE comes in three colors, Nordic Gray, Charcoal, and Aquamarine, giving it some style options for different decor. The company also says its SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY provides the user with 360-degrees of movement so you can be heard from anywhere in the room. The technology can also distinguish between voices and noise and suppress unwanted interference.

Beyerdynamic SPACE
Three colors to choose from

The company also says SPACE has a 20-hour battery life which could be helpful when on the move. They also claim that parts such as cables, operating components, or the battery can be replaced if necessary. With so many more people working remotely and from home, this sure looks like a handy device to have. Given that it uses beyerdynamic’s audio tuning for music paired with outstanding call quality, it might be something to look into.

This new speakerphone is priced at US$179 and you can check out the company’s website for more information and where to purchase.

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Last Updated on June 5, 2023.


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