XGIMI offering up to 20% discount to celebrate shipping 4 million projectors


Companies often mark success by the number of units shipped. XGIMI, a pretty solid projector manufacturer, is offering up to a 20% discount on most of its projectors to celebrate 4 million units shipped worldwide. The discounts aren’t live yet and will run starting next week, October 10, through October 16th.

XGIMI has a projector for almost every scenario, from small portable options to higher-end 4K ultra short throw devices. In all cases, the projectors run a version of Android coupled with pretty decent speakers. This provides consumers with a home theatre in a box, allowing a quick and easy setup and native access to many streaming services including Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video, Spotify, and more.

We’ve reviewed a few XGIMI projectors in the past and they’ve all been pretty decent in specifications, performance, and especially price. In fact, a couple even received Top Pick Awards. Here’s what we had to say about them:

  • AURA: “If you’re looking to up your home theatre game and are after a 4K UST laser projector, the XGIMI AURA is a great model that you should consider, lack of native Netflix support aside. With plenty of ports, great quality onboard sound, and Android TV to access most of your streaming service content natively, you really can’t go wrong with this Techaeris Top Pick of 2022.”
  • HORIZON Pro: “With a bright, 4K image, and great sound provided by Harman Kardon speakers, the XGIMI HORIZON Pro 4K HDR smart projector is a smaller and sleek-looking option. Like their other projectors, the only feature this projector is missing is native Netflix support but the workaround is getting better.”
  • Elfin: “Of the portable projectors I’ve reviewed to date, the XGIMI Elfin offers the brightest 1080p picture. With great sound provided by Harman/Kardon speakers, this projector’s only missing features are native Netflix support and an internal battery to make it easier to use on the go.”
  • MoGo Pro: “If you’re looking for a decent portable projector, the XGIMI MoGo Pro is a pretty decent option — especially considering the audio quality. As with other devices in this category, don’t expect to be using it outdoors or in brighter rooms.”

Starting October 10th, here are the time-limited deals you can expect to see on the XGIMI website when you buy direct from them (pricing in USD):

  • Mogo Pro: $399 (reg. $499)
  • Halo+: $722 (reg. $849)
  • HORIZON: $849 (reg: $999)
  • HORIZON Pro: $1,519 (reg: $1,899)
  • Elfin: $519 (reg. $649)
  • AURA: $2,379 (reg. $2,799)

What do you think about the 20% discount XGIMI is offering on most of its projectors to celebrate 4 million shipments? Are you going to be picking one up now? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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