[UPDATED] Sound of Freedom projected to cross $100 million this week


Sound of Freedom started filming back in 2015 with production wrapping up in 2018. The film cost approximately $14 million to make but got caught up in red tape and acquisitions. The film was initially at 20th Century Fox until Disney purchased the company and shelved Sound of Freedom with no plans on releasing it.

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UPDATED July 20, 2023: Angel Studios, the platform empowering filmmakers with full creative control to crowdfund and create, has reached a new theatrical milestone. Its independent summer hit, Sound of Freedom, has now sold over 8.9 million tickets, and the film has now passed $100M in box office revenue.

The producers of the film, along with the subject of the film, Tim Ballard, shopped it around to streaming outlets such as Netflix, Prime Video, and others. But no one was willing to touch it for fear the subject would scare audiences away and they would lose money.

Angel Studios stepped in and purchased the distribution rights to Sound of Freedom and now the rest is history as the film is projected to cross $100 million in box office sales this week. Sound of Freedom is based upon the true story of former government agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job to rescue a little girl from traffickers in the Colombian jungle. In the process, Tim ended up saving 123 people, 55 of which were children, from one mission alone.

Sound of Freedom movie Angel Studios
Jim Caviezel, stars in Sound of Freedom

Angel Studios is projecting over $85 million total cumulative box office revenue through Sunday, with a strong $27 million box office draw in the second weekend of the film’s domestic release. The initial release saw the film in less theaters than its competition, Indian Jones and the Dial of Destiny, yet it beat the Disney behemoth in its opening weekend. Angel Studios says the current theater count is 3,265.

Sound of Freedom, despite it not being a political film, is being portrayed as a political conspiracy in the mainstream media and being attached to QANON even though the film was made many years before that group’s emergence. We see this movie as an important light being shone on an evil industry and we hope that the movie’s success at the box office translates to more work being done to battle the situation the film sheds light on.

I’m hoping to go see the film soon, so stay tuned for the full review here!

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Last Updated on July 28, 2023.


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