New on Netflix March 22-28: Regina King is Shirley

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Here we are with another week and, as usual, Netflix is adding a few new shows and movies between March 22 and 28th. You can also check out what’s leaving Netflix and Netflix Canada in March or April if you want to binge those first.

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NOTE: Titles without a 🇺🇸 or 🇨🇦 designation after them are coming to both countries, while country-specific titles will be indicated as such.

Without further ado, let’s check out the New on Netflix March 22 to 28th list which is headlined by Regina King as Shirley Chisholm, the first Black congresswoman who also ran for president of the U.S. in 1972.

Netflix Games

While not TV series or movies, Netflix is back with some new Netflix Games in March. The following games are now available (unless otherwise noted) for Android and iOS if you have a Netflix subscription.

  • Pinball Masters: Channel your inner pinball wizard! Flip and tilt your way through themed tables featuring characters like Godzilla and Kong in this classic arcade game.
  • Rainbow Six Smol: Defuse bombs, free hostages and crush enemies in this unexpected spin on the “Rainbow Six” franchise. Assemble the best squad, save the (smol) world!

Coming Soon

These titles are coming at some point in March but not necessarily this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

  • Bad Dinosaurs (NETFLIX FAMILY): A lovably mischievous Tyrannosaurus family explores their amazing prehistoric world while having slapstick fun with the silly dinosaurs who live there.
  • Dexter (Seasons 1-8) 🇨🇦

And now for the Netflix March 22-28th list:

March 22

  • Buying Beverly Hills: Season 2 (NETFLIX SERIES): Family drama, luxury listings, and fierce competition in the LA market set the stage for this new season of Buying Beverly Hills. This real estate occu-soap follows top agents from Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency, including his daughters Farrah, Alexia and Sophia as they navigate the high stakes world of luxury real estate, relationships, and friendships. 
  • The Casagrandes Movie (NETFLIX FAMILY): A family vacation to Mexico stirs up mythical mayhem in this feature-length animated comedy based on the hit series “The Casagrandes.”
  • El Paseo 7
  • The Martian 🇨🇦
  • On The Line
  • SHIRLEY (NETFLIX FILM): SHIRLEY tells the story of the first Black congresswoman and political icon, Shirley Chisholm, and her 1972 trailblazing run for president of the U.S. Academy Award winner Regina King stars as the political icon in this rousing drama.

March 25

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 9 (NETFLIX FAMILY): With a pinch on her left and a pinch on her right, Gabby shrinks down for more kitty adventures in her super-cool dollhouse. Come and play along!

March 26

  • Dave Attell: Hot Cross Buns (NETFLIX COMEDY): A new stand-up comedy special from Dave Attell.

March 27

  • The Believers (NETFLIX SERIES): When their startup goes deep into debt, three entrepreneurs run a risky scam from a Buddhist temple to pay back a massive loan before time runs out.
  • The Conners: Seasons 1-5 🇺🇸
  • No Pressure (NETFLIX FILM)
  • Rest In Peace (NETFLIX FILM): Jorge faces mounting financial strain and decaying health. In a twist of fate, he might be able to safeguard his family. The cost? His absence — forever.
  • Testament: The Story of Moses (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY): This illuminating docudrama series chronicles Moses’ remarkable life as a prince, prophet and more with insights from theologians and historians.

And there you have the New on Netflix and Netflix Canada March 22 to 28th list. Be sure to check back next week to see what’s in store for the week following.

What will you be watching on Netflix this week? Will you be checking out Regina King in Shirley or catching up on your backlog? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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