Immerse Gaming’s AI-assisted spatial audio comes to popular headsets

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While decent graphics and framerates are key to gaming, excellent spatial audio can mean the difference between life and death in FPS games, and a more immersive experience in others. While there are headsets with spatial audio built into them, they can be pricier than other options.

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Embody, an AI-driven spatial audio company, launched Immerse Gaming together with Logitech G and Audio-Technica last year. At the time, the technology only worked on partner headsets. Today, they announced Hive, a new feature in Immerse Gaming that brings AI-driven spatial audio to over 20 popular headsets.

“When we released Immerse Gaming for Logitech G last year, early adopters told us they felt it was the best spatial audio solution available. I’m pleased that we’re now able to offer this amazing AI-driven spatial audio solution on all gaming headsets.”

Kapil Jain, Embody Co-founder & CEO

Hive uses Immerse which is an industry-leading HRTF (head-related transfer function) engine to create a personalized 360 degree sound field using a picture of your ear. Once set up, users can select their headset or a universal closed-back, in-ear, or open-back profile. Finally, choosing between Close Combat (RPG or Racing), Immerse (FPS), or Awaken (MOBA, MMORPG) modes to fine tune your game audio. In addition Hive has a Sonar Map overlay which even shows you where sound is coming from in relation to your in-game character.

The Immerse Gaming Hive AI-assisted spatial audio PC software screenshot
The Immerse Gaming Hive AI-assisted spatial audio PC software screenshot.

The current list of supported headsets include:

We’ve had a chance to play with Hive over the past week or so, and it does make a difference, especially in games like Call of Duty: Warzone. Check back soon for our full review and in the meantime, you can download it and try it out yourself for 14 days from the Immerse Gaming website. After the trial, you can purchase an annual license for US$14.99 or a five-year license for $39.99.

What do you think about Immerse Gaming’s Hive software feature which brings AI-assisted spatial audio to popular headsets? Do you think it’s something you’ll be trying out? Let us know on Twitter, MeWe, or any of the social media sites below.

Last Updated on June 3, 2021.

Immerse Gaming Hive AI-assisted spatial audio

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