Review: Orpheus Music Player (Android)

orpheus-logoIf you’ve ever gone looking for a new music player for your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll know that the Google Play Store is cluttered with hundreds upon hundreds of apps in that category. Less than half of them are worth your taps, and less than half of those are worth the price they ask for. Orpheus Music Player, however, is worth every single cent of the 99 cents you’ll pay for it, and then some!

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All New HTC One (M8) Reviewed


In 2013, HTC was coming off of a rough year. They had gone a year with the One X as their flagship device, and though reviews placed the device on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S III, sales were faltering. At that time HTC was using a similar camera to the S III and was also using a polycarbonate shell.

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