Kia Quoris Slated For 2014 U.S. Release

Looks like Kia is going to make a run at the luxury market by introducing the Kia Quoris in 2014. The Quoris has only been available in Korea and the Middle East where it goes by the name K9. The exact specifications of the Quoris have not been released but it is aiming for the luxury slot so we would expect it to have quiet a few high end features.

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BluFit The Smart Water Bottle

Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.

Infiniti Shows Us How An F1 Race Car Is Made


I am a racing fan. No doubt about it. While I probably can not name drivers in the different series of racing, I love to watch racing. F1, Nascar, Indy, Motocross you name it. If it has wheels and an engine, most likely I will watch it. So I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find Infiniti showing us how an F1 race car is made.

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Structure Sensor By Occipital


So how cool would it be to able to capture the things around you in 3D, all from your mobile device? The makers of the Structure Sensor (Occipital) claim their device can not only scan things in 3D, but it will allow you to “play augmented reality games, develop mobile applications and capture models of rooms.” Here’s just a little more of what the folks at Occipital had to say.

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Lenovo Starts A Trade In Program


Lenovo, in partnership with NextWorth, announced today their Consumer Electronics Trade-In Program. Like any other trade-in program out there these days, Lenovo’s allows you to trade in used electronics like laptops, tablets and digital cameras towards a Lenovo gift card.

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Apple Updates The iMac


Apple has announced a performance update to their all in one desktop line up, the iMac. With the fourth generation Intel quad-core processor, new graphics, next-gen Wi-Fi and faster flash storage. The bumped up specs will certainly entice any would be buyer. Here’s what Apple had to say about the improved specifications.

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Samsung Announces ISOCELL Image Sensor For Mobile


Samsung announced a new leap forward for CMOS sensors in mobile cameras today dubbed, ISOCELL. The ISOCELL tech is supposed to increase the sensors light sensitivity which in turn would help control electron absorption giving the end result higher color fidelity even in low-light conditions.

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